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Hello guys, my name is Riya batra, I am a studying girl, I am a relative of Rashmi batra. When I heard my relative is in this profession I felt very shameful. I decided that I will meet her once and make her understand to leave this profession. One Sunday I went to her house in the evening, “what a house?” She is living in a posh area’s society of Mahipalpur, New Delhi, well maintained house with red carpet in every corner of the house. When I asked her about these all, she explained me everything and told that she is a member of Escort service in Mahipalpur, meanwhile we took dinner and she told me I am going to the client’s room and “Phir m sone chali gai”. She came around 5:00 AM and slept with me, when she touched my Boobs she became excited, it was tight along with fair complexion. She started playing with it, It was my first time but “Mujhe bhi achchha lag rha tha”.

After some time she removed my all dresses and her own too, now we were nude and playing with each other’s boobs and all private parts of body. During this period she was explaining her last night experience with me. Suddenly I told her, I also want to experience this life, if you agree and permit me. Since she is my relative “wo achanak soch me pad gai” because she never expected that I will demand like this ever. After a long silence she told me “thik hai, but mai jab kahungi tujhe wapas apni study ki taraf concentrate krna hoga”. She never wants I should adopt this profession anyway. I said “OK”. She told, “Aaj k liye mere pass ek client hai, wo apne office me bula rha h tum chali jaao”. I suddenly asked “office me?” She told yes, but today is Monday; I told. She replied “koi baat nhi, Monday ka uska official off hota h to koi employee nhi honge whap e, sirf client and tum”. Maine kha phir thik h. And this is the way when I became a part of Escort service in Mahipalpur.

The Story begins here:

Client and Riya

I called on a number; +91 99*****262

Client – Hello,

Riya – hello, is this mr. R…….

Client – yes

Riya – Hi, R…. I am riya batra and I have got your number from Rashmi Batra, I think you are conducting an interview for the post of personal care and management products. Can I attend it today?

Client—Yes, but has Rashmi told you everything about your job?


Client – Good, you can come at 10:00 AM Sharp

Riya – OK

Rashmi “Are waah, tune to bahoot achchhe se meeting arrange krwa li”, ab ja maje le jindgi k. I said thanks, but I was thinking something. But, she realized it and handed over me two things “Condom” for the client and “i-pill” for me.

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A short part of story is here ....
He pulls down my shorts so the belt pulls tight against the back of my thighs. Not completely down, so my legs and arse are altogether uncovered: only a modest sum, sufficiently only to give him space to drive his dick in, and give me the vibe that this one would be brisk. It isn't the fuck of a couple of horny lushes who have snuck into the workplace – it's the sort of utilitarian fuck he wishes he could have when he's grinding away amid the day. Exhausted and semi-hard as he contemplates a specific issue, wishing he could have a fast wank to facilitate the strain. I'm not his better half, I'm pressure help. A twisted around, part-uncovered, trickling wet office work area toy.

What's more, it's astounding.

I extend my hands to grasp the most distant edge of the work area, as the close edge knocks agonizingly against my hips. He grasps me while he fucks to pull me harder onto him, and I can feel that he hasn't tried to pull his pants down: he's simply fucking with his dick through his flies. There'll be recolors later – a wet fix engraving of my cunt where he's squashed himself against it. Also, I like the learning that it blends with my spit. I get a kick out of the chance to think we'll wipe the work area down after, and he'll dismiss as he speeds up his flies.

As he comes, he snorts in the back of his throat, precisely as he probably is aware I need him to. Like I was only there to diminish a distressing work day, and that fast fuck was his approach to slow down.


As though I'm a toy. He's utilized me, and we're done at this point. While I pull up my pants, he rifles around his work area, unplugging his PC and gathering every one of the things he needs to bring home with him. I take a seat on the seat and turn for some time, and he takes a nervy photograph.

"Fortunate none of your partners returned," I let him know. "Fortunate there's no CCTV," he answers, and after a speedy froze check out we both moan with alleviation. I'm as yet topless and before I snatch my jumper he comes up and remains next to me. I can notice the blended aroma of my cunt and his come, and I take in profoundly to attempt and fix it the memory in my brain.

"At the point when's the last tube?"

"Not for twenty minutes."

"One more go?"

"Any reason to stop?